Why catch up to the change,
when you can cause it instead?

On the horizon, there always lies a new breakthrough, a discovery and more efficient ways to build a better world. At the center of this age revolutions are individuals who play the parts of being an innovator, team player, problem solver and design thinker, simultaneously! Developing students to become such visionaries is possible if they are taught to innovate and apply new solutions to everyday problems, from a young age.

The conventional methods of merely testing memory power aren't enough. The Future demands new ideas that can be executed to change our lives for the better. Enabling students with creative, analytical, scientific and design thinking methods is crucial to prepare them for any challenges that are yet to come.

Bibox Labs understands this vision and undertakes this initiative in schools to teach, develop and mentor students to innovate ahead of their time.

Bibox Labs

Bibox Labs brings technology, creative content and delivery mechanisms
together, to realize students’ ideas into actions.

Based on the 21st Century
Learning methodology

(adapted by some of the world’s best educational institutions),

the lab has an all-inclusive approach towards promoting Design Thinking and Challenge-based Learning as the
pillars of modern education! It nurtures and delivers practical exposure and sustained excitement in

Accolades won by the team behind
the revolutionary Bibox platform

  • DST Lockheed Martin Top 50 Innovation.
  • Technology Development Board, Govt. of India funded company.
  • Department of Industrial and Scientific Research (DSIR), Govt. of India supported project.
  • 1st Prize: IIMB Eximius Business Plan Competition.
  • TiE Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program Company.
  • Global Thoughts mentioned Evobi as one of the top 10 companies in India to watch out for in future.
  • IDG-Liba-TiE finalist.
  • eHealth TBI Incubated Company - Quantum Tuneller Company.

Working at the Lab

Powered by the innovative Bibox platform, the lab works on the principles of design thinking and challenge based learning! Trained mentors conduct these regular sessions at schools. To currently address the bigger picture, many of the setbacks impacting our society are effectively tackled by three main fields – DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Therefore it's only practical that every student in Bibox Labs is moulded upon these very pillars!

Each student is trained to be a design thinking, technology wielding visionary who has the insight to change reality around him. They're periodically assessed for their Creative, Collaborative, Communicative and Critical Thinking abilities, summed up as the 'Innovation Quotient'!

This constant process of evaluating a problem, brainstorming ideas, applying core concepts, creating a logic flow through Bisoft (our proprietary software) and finally executing it, moulds a student to be Real-World-Ready Problem Solvers. By the time a student is finished with familiarising and applying our principles, he/she can ideate, create and sell a future that's worth believing in!

One Million

Innovations and Counting

The impact of Bibox Labs has given effect to many advantages for school students, such as:

Community of the Future: Students have the opportunity to enroll in our online community and connect with other students, demonstrate their creations, share their ideas, learn from and support each other, challenge each other globally, form teams and score points!

Mentor Centre: Students can take guidance and embark on the right path with the help of our Mentor Centre. Contacting a mentor is just a call away, in case anyone is unsuccessful in moving a project forward.

Competitions and Events: Students can put their wits and smarts to the test, with competitions and events that are sponsored by Bibox Labs, which makes their experiences more fun, competitive and insightful!


  • “BiBox Innovation Lab has given our students the opportunity to apply every bit of their creativity thanks to their course. It’s amazing to watch them use these skills even with their current syllabus. I think giving them the extra creative push is something all schools must incorporate with their regular curriculum.”

  • “The program is very good. It opened their minds to think and explore creativity!"

    -- Ms Shanthi Menon, Principal, Deens Academy, Bangalore

  • "Our students enuthusiastically participated in the BIBOX sessions and Biboxlab had a positive impact on them. Through the classes various facets like problem solving ability, decision making skills, critical and creative thinking were unravelled, which gave a boost to the holistic development of the students."

    -- Manju Arif, Principal, DPS Bangalore North School


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